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Pet Talkβ€”Safely Medicating Spot

When it comes to the health of your pets, medications play an important role in preventing disease, increasing longevity, and making for a healthier, happier pet. Whether it’s antibiotics, pain meds, or flea and tick prevention, there are various things to keep in mind when choosing the right medication for your furry family member.

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On The Fence

Steroids are known for their testosterone simulating properties of building muscle mass and enhancing endurance and thus have been notoriously abused to boost stamina and athletic performance since shortly after their conception.

Tips on staying young from The Doctors

Lift weights and eat low-fat yogurt. 
Not at the same time, of course, but both are key to protecting bones, which weaken as you age. According to current estimates, about 52 million adults older than 50 suffer from osteoporosis or low bone mass.

Muscle-strengthening exercises β€” with weight machines or elastic bands, for example β€” help slow bone loss.

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Press conference at Joliet city hall June 3 calling for mayor resignation

Bishop Steve Evan's one of 3 pastors call for Joliet mayor to resign

McPhillips talks about election for Will County Clerk

Laurie McPhillips, a resident of Will County and longtime employee for Will County, tells The Times Weekly the importance of the race for Will County Clerk. Election Day takes place Nov. 6.

Staley-Ferry discusses race for Will County Clerk

Lauren Staley-Ferry, a current member of the Will County Board and a resident of Will County, shares the importance of the race for Will County Clerk. Election Day takes place Nov. 6.

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