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Pet Talk—Safely Medicating Spot

When it comes to the health of your pets, medications play an important role in preventing disease, increasing longevity, and making for a healthier, happier pet. Whether it’s antibiotics, pain meds, or flea and tick prevention, there are various things to keep in mind when choosing the right medication for your furry family member.

Sports Briefs

After spending the 2013 campaign at West Virginia State University, Omar Aqel has signed a letter of intent to transfer to University of St. Francis and join his older brother, Ali, on head football coach Joe Curry's team beginning next fall... Lewis University head men's volleyball coach Dan Friend has been selected as an assistant coach for the USA Volleyball High Performance 2014 Men's Junior Team, USA Volleyball announced... Bolingbrook High School defensive back Cecil Nicholson has made a verbal commitment to play football at the University of Indianapolis in the fall... The University of St. Francis men's tennis team opened the calendar year with a 9-0 victory over St. Ambrose University Saturday afternoon at Challenge Fitness...

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Friend Coaches US Junior National Team

Lewis University men's volleyball head coach Dan Friend served as the head coach of the United States Junior National Team in San Salvador, El Salvador at the NORCECA U-21 Men's Continental Championships July 29-August 3.

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Circuit Clerk office gets improved website

Will County Circuit Clerk Pamela J. McGuire rolls out her new and improved, mobile-friendly web site.

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Dear EarthTalk: Ghost Factories

In April 2012, USA TODAY published a series entitled “Ghost Factories,” a report on an investigation into lead contaminated soil in hundreds of neighborhoods around the U.S. where lead factories once operated. The investigation addressed the lack of action taken by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to test and clean up these sites despite having been warned in 2001 about the dangerous levels of lead contamination around the areas of these old facilities.

Silver Cross Hospital launches Innovative Online scheduling tool

PatieSilver Cross Hospital in New Lenox has launched SCHedule NOW, a free scheduling tool that enables patients to easily search and book real-time appointments online.

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On The Fence

Steroids are known for their testosterone simulating properties of building muscle mass and enhancing endurance and thus have been notoriously abused to boost stamina and athletic performance since shortly after their conception.

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Register now for Forest Preserve programs

The Forest Preserve District of Will County now has online registration for its many nature, recreation, history and wildlife viewing programs.

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The hysterics in connection with the Central American refugees seeking asylum in the USA would, under other circumstances, be comical. A few thousand people seeking to enter a country of 350 million people and Trump tell us to panic and prepare for armed action. International human rights law provides for the right of refugees to apply for asylum in other countries. There is no caveat that such refugees need to be from Europe or that they cannot apply to the USA. Thousands of Central American refugees have been displaced by war, terror, economic deprivation and environmental catastrophe. The United States has been directly complicit in at least war, terror and economic deprivation through its indirect control over the economies and politics of much of the Western Hemisphere. This has been through extreme forms, such as direct military interventions, e.g., Dominican Republic in 1965, or through active support for brutal regimes, including military coups, e.g., Chile in 1973; El Salvador in the 1980s; Honduras in 2009. In a nutshell, the USA has helped to wreck most of the political systems and economies south of the Rio Grande River since it commenced a blockade of Haiti in 1803 (following the Haitian Revolution against France). The rubble left in the wake of these disasters has been a spawning ground for multiple criminal gangs, cartels, etc., and a situation of desperation. When mass movements have emerged in these countries to challenge this wreckage they are regularly repressed and/or have their democratically elected governments ousted by the forces of evil.

Tips on staying young from The Doctors

Lift weights and eat low-fat yogurt. 
Not at the same time, of course, but both are key to protecting bones, which weaken as you age. According to current estimates, about 52 million adults older than 50 suffer from osteoporosis or low bone mass.

Muscle-strengthening exercises — with weight machines or elastic bands, for example — help slow bone loss.

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Silver Cross launches online appointment scheduling program

Patients can now search and book appointments for exams, lab tests, physical therapy and other things through SCHedule NOW web site feature.

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Pets: Halloween chocolate and dogs

The Halloween season brings with it much amusement and excitement, and one anticipated tradition is the variety of chocolate you have an excuse to enjoy.

Limiting risk to keep people safe online

Thanks to smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices, the Internet is almost always at our fingertips.

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Council conflict over Jones contract

In a split vote, the Joliet City Council approved an agreement this week with GovTemps USA to allow Steve Jones to continue working as interim city manager until a full-time replacement is hired. The deal works under the assumption that one-month extensions are automatically granted so long as the permanent city manager position remains unfilled.

District 86 Online Student Registration

Joliet Public Schools District 86 is now accepting online student registration for the 2015-2016 school year.

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Chicago International Film Festival 2013 final notes

Three documentaries–it is not hyperbole to call them searing–examine discrimination and crimes against women.

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Back-to-School tech for your children

It’s increasingly common to find classrooms filled with the blue hue of computer and tablet screens. Early education or postgraduate work, there’s a shift towards technology-driven, or at least technology-aided, schooling. Students that learn to use technology to stay organized, conduct in-depth research and collaborate with peers can also use these skills in college and their professional lives. What devices might students need? Laptops, tablets and smartphones are the primary devices that many students use. Although your child likely doesn’t need one of each, a graphing calculator is sometimes a second necessity for classes and standardized tests. Some high schools have a one-to-one program and issue students a laptop or tablet that they can bring home. Other schools let students borrow devices while in class, or let students bring their own device.

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The State of the Girls report shows increasing need for investment in Girls

According to The State of Girls 2017: Emerging Truths and Troubling Trends report, Illinois is ranked 26th among the United States regarding girls' well-being. Compiled and released by Girl Scouts of the USA's (GSUSA's) Girl Scout Research Institute, this third edition of The State of the Girls found that, regardless of an increase in high school graduation rates, economic conditions affecting girls in the United States have not fully covered from the Great Recession. These conditions are leading to an increased emotional and physical distress among girls, with obesity, marijuana use, and low self-esteem on the rise. "In order to sustain the long-term development and success of girls, we need to invest in their overall physical and emotional health," said Nancy Wright, CEO of Girl Scouts of Greater Chicago and Northwest Indiana. "The State of the Girls demonstrates a crisis for girls in the country and the time to act is now."

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Explore Lewis University’s Arboretum with a New App

Lewis University students have created an app for nature lovers that helps them learn more about trees on the school's Romeoville campus.

Don't let cyber Grinches ruin your Holidays

I'm usually in too much of a Thanksgiving food coma to hit the sales on Black Friday, but millions of other Americans somehow find the energy. Last year, 89 million people took advantage of Black Friday sales (57 million of them online), while an estimated 247 million shopped throughout the four-day weekend, as stores increasingly have opened their doors on Thanksgiving itself.