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Surprising Social Security things you may not know

Despite the fact that almost every working adult (and teenager) pays into Social Security, and that millions of us count on it for at least part – if not all – of our retirement income, there’s a lot people don’t know about their public financial safety net.

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Tips for Taming Your Winter Allergies

Cockroaches, dust mites, dander, and mold can trigger cold-and flu-like symptoms, said immunologist Dr. Joan Lehach

As frigid temperatures and unusually snowy conditions just about every where continue to keep many people indoors, a veteran allergy expert reminds us that staying inside may keep us warm, but it also us gives us prolonged exposure to four powerful indoor allergens capable of triggering a variety of cold and flu-like symptoms.

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Outreach group gives out Thanksgiving basket

Touching Lives Soul Outreach Feed The People Thanksgiving Basket program was a great success as sixty families gathered at Love and Faith Ministry at Richmond Street in Joliet where the distributing site was on Monday to receive Thanksgiving Baskets with all the trimmings.

Are you compliant with Obamacare? How about the Affordable Care Act (ACA)?

According to a poll by CNBC, many Americans are confused about these two things. Thirty percent don't even know what the Affordable Care Act is, and others think the ACA and Obamacare are two different things. In fact, the ACA and Obamacare are two names for the same thing. For clarity, this article will only call the health care law the ACA.

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Back pain causes

Most people experience significant back pain at some point in their lives; unfortunately, the response from the medical community is too often surgery, which fails 60 percent of the time, according to a consensus of surgeons.

Default rates continue to rise for federal student loans

The U.S. Department of Education posted the official FY 2011 two-year and official FY 2010 three-year federal student loan cohort default rates (CDR). The national two-year cohort default rate rose from 9.1 percent for FY 2010 to 10 percent for FY 2011. The three-year cohort default rate rose from 13.4 percent for FY 2009 to 14.7 percent for FY 2010.

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Graduates look forward to a bright future

Jasmine Simpson of Joliet, salutatorian at the Aug. 9 Joliet Job Corps graduation ceremonies, has already walked across the stage for one diploma. She graduated from Joliet West High School in 2006. She earned decent grades in high school, she said, and participated in basketball, softball, track and cross country.

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