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Wayne's Words: Take me out to the Ballgame?

The City of Joliet baseball stadium is now in it’s 16th season and has been continuously occupied since opening day in 2002. The first occupants were the Joliet Jackhammers. The initial season saw over 180,000 fans attend the games played. The fans came to see the team play, have a couple of hot dogs, maybe a beverage and they were kept amused with between inning entertainment. Success seemed assured. The city used casino revenue to pay cash for the construction of then named Silver Cross Field. The original cost was somewhere around $27- $29 million. There never was a plan submitted by the city, or anyone else, that projected how much revenue would be necessary to maintain the structure and the grounds. There was never any consideration made for paying back to city coffers the revenue used to build the stadium. Quite the contrary, it was said to be a “quality of life project” that would enhance the downtown and its environs. It was also said that no taxpayer money was used in its construction. In those days casino revenue was free money, not taxpayer dollars, according to city officials at the time.

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Last day to fill vacancy for election

The last day to fill a vacancy in nomination for the November 6, 2018 General Election was June 4. If no candidate for an established party runs in the General Primary, the established party managing committee can appoint a candidate to be placed on the ballot for the November 6 General Election. This candidate must file the correct documentation along with collecting the same amount of signatures required for candidates running in the General Primary. The candidate list for the upcoming November 6, 2018 General Election is available with the appointed candidates listed at thewillcountyclerk.com. To find the candidate list on the website, use the link under the What’s New section on the homepage.

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Wayne's Words: Time to wean off gaming

The summer of 2018 officially began with the Memorial Day weekend and is on the books. Proper complaints against the weather can now begin with “it’s too hot” in place of “it’s too cold.” Just as the summer is beginning the Illinois Spring legislative session ends this week on Thursday. Expanding gambling is again up for discussion in the legislature. Opposition to any new gaming positions is quite strong among those who believe any expansion of gaming only diminishes existing gambling operations. Senator Terry Link, a Democrat from Waukegan, disagrees. He was quoted as saying: “They build new casinos next door to one another in Vegas, and none of them are going out of business.” He may have a point regarding Las Vegas but it hasn’t panned out in Illinois over the last 10 years. In 2011, before video gaming spots were legalized for locations outside the state’s 10 casino sites, the State of Illinois’ share of gaming receipts for the year was $400.8 million. The revenue had peaked in 2007 at $718.2 million. Then in 2012 video gaming was introduced in September. Only $3.1 million was produced in the four remaining months of 2012. The next year the State’s share of revenue jumped to over $75 million from video gaming and more than doubled that to $164.9 million by 2014.

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Shorewood’s solution to speeding

The official arrival of summer occurs in about ten days but the temperatures have been warm enough lately to jumpstart the summer season for many.

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Wayne's Words: Privatization not the answer for VA

One of the best ways to express patriotism in the U.S.A. is to show how much veterans are appreciated.

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Wayne's Words: Joliet’s other haunted house

A haunted house will open in part of the former Collins Street prison this fall but some residents are forgetting the other haunted house that the city owns.

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Wayne's Words: Gun violence is more than guns

Just five years ago, in December of 2012, the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting occurred. According to reports at the time, the incident was the deadliest mass shooting at either a high school or grade school in U.S. history and the fourth-deadliest mass shooting by a single person in U.S. history.

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Wayne's Words: Fire Department changes

This week’s Joliet City Council meeting sparked what could be identified as a ‘balance of resource and need’ debate. In the name of efficiency, the city is considering the use of one piece of fire-fighting apparatus that would replace two pieces of equipment.

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Wayne's Words: “BALANCE” is the answer

Balance is a word sometimes used to explain the “challenges” of issues that are difficult to resolve and not everyone is satisfied with the solution. The most common definitions of “balance” can be found in any dictionary.

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Wayne's Words: Vets remember Tet and One last thing

This week Wayne talks about the Tet Offensive and parking in downtown Joliet.

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