Yesha Callahan


Yesha Callahan is the Managing Editor of Clutch Magazine. Yesha has written for Blogher, where she was a Parenting Contributing Editor and her work has been seen on Jezebel, The Grio, Huffington Post and The Root. In addition to writing online, Yesha was a writer for BET’s late night talk show, Don’t Sleep! Hosted By T.J. Holmes and is currently working on a novel.

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Black Music: Often Appropriated Can’t Be Duplicated

2013 could be considered the year where black music was not only heavily appropriated, but also appropriated to the point of no return.

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How Are Reality TV Shows Affecting Society’s Perception Of Black Women?

While Black women are clearly underrepresented in films and on prime time comedies and dramas, the same cannot be said of our representation on reality television. The sheer number of reality programs on television today makes it difficult to determine if we are in some way “overrepresented,” however, Black women have been entertaining American households through this genre from its inception and continue to do so today.

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